Hit a Website from the Command Line Repeatedly

Hit a Website from the Command Line Repeatedly

Here’s the code:

 public class IncreaseCounter  {  	public static void displayURL(String url)    	{	        boolean windows = isWindowsPlatform();	        String cmd = null;	        try	        {	            if (windows)	            {		                // cmd = 'rundll32 url.dll,FileProtocolHandlerhttp://...'		                cmd = WIN_PATH + " " + WIN_FLAG + " " + url;		                Process p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(cmd);            	    }           	    else           	    {           	    	System.out.println("Sorry check the operating system");                    }       		}	        catch(Exception x)	        {	            // couldn't exec browser	            System.err.println("Could not invoke browser, command=" +cmd);	            System.err.println("Caught: " + x);	        }   	 }//end of the displayURL method    /**     * Try to determine whether this application is running under Windows     * or some other platform by examing the "os.name" property.     *     * @return true if this application is running under a Windows OS     */       public static boolean isWindowsPlatform()       {	        String os = System.getProperty("os.name");	        if ( os != null && os.startsWith(WIN_ID))	            return true;	        else	            return false;    	}//end of the methd	public static void main(String[] args)	{    	       	Thread t = Thread.currentThread();        	t.setName("MyThread");        	//System.out.println("After Name change :" +t);        	try        	{	        	for(int i = 0;I<200;i++)	        	{	        		Thread.sleep(1000);	        		//hit what ever url u want	        		//displayURL(" http://counter.mycomputer.com/");	        		displayURL("http://www.libertyvillageto.com/");	        }	        }catch(Exception e)	        {	        	System.out.println("In Catch");	        }         }	    // Used to identify the windows platform.	    private static final String WIN_ID = "Windows";	    // The default system browser under windows.	    private static final String WIN_PATH = "rundll32";	    // The flag to display a url.	    private static final String WIN_FLAG = "url.dll,FileProtocolHandler";   }

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