Eliminating IsEmpty and IsNull Issues in ASP

Eliminating IsEmpty and IsNull Issues in ASP

When dealing with COM, unfamiliar database schemas, or regular code, sometimes you will find yourself wondering whether to test if a variable is Null by using either:

 IsEmpty(varname)IsNull(varName)If varname = 0If varname  0, orIf varname > 0

This little quick trick will eliminate all of those issues and allow you to quickly move on to more pressing issues. Simply convert the variable to a string and check the length. Here is a quick sample:

 If Len(varname & "") 

or you can use:

 If Len(varname & "") = 0

or you can also do:

 If Len(varname & "")  0

Either way, if it's equal to 0 then it was empty or null, but you've eliminated type mismatch errors that can cause delays in development.


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