Get the Drive Serial Number

Get the Drive Serial Number

You can get the serial number of your hard drive, floppy disk, or CD-ROM easily without any additional ActiveX component. First, start a VB project, add a standard module, and place a Command Button control on the form:

'-- Module codePrivate Declare Function GetVolumeInformation _	Lib "kernel32" Alias "GetVolumeInformationA" _	(ByVal lpRootPathName As String, _	ByVal pVolumeNameBuffer As String, _	ByVal nVolumeNameSize As Long, _	lpVolumeSerialNumber As Long, _	lpMaximumComponentLength As Long, _	lpFileSystemFlags As Long, _	ByVal lpFileSystemNameBuffer As String, _	ByVal nFileSystemNameSize As Long) As LongPublic Function GetSerialNumber( _	ByVal sDrive As String) As Long	If Len(sDrive) Then		If InStr(sDrive, "\") = 1 Then			' Make sure we end in backslash for UNC			If Right$(sDrive, 1) <> "" Then				sDrive = sDrive & ""			End If		Else			' If not UNC, take first letter as drive			sDrive = Left$(sDrive, 1) & ":"		End If	Else		' Else just use current drive		sDrive = vbNullString	End If		' Grab S/N -- Most params can be NULL	Call GetVolumeInformation( _		sDrive, vbNullString, 0, GetSerialNumber, _		ByVal 0&, ByVal 0&, vbNullString, 0)End Function'-- Form codePrivate Sub Command1_Click()	Dim Drive As String	Drive = InputBox("Enter drive for checking SN")	MsgBox Hex$(GetSerialNumber(Drive))End Sub
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