How to Use SavePoint in JDBC

How to Use SavePoint in JDBC

Say Employee_Table has fields like EMP_NO, EMP_NAME, etc. In java, try this:

  try{   Connection conn =...//opening connection.   PreparedStament ps = con.prepareStatement("Select   conn.setAutoCommit(false);    Statement stmt = conn.createStatement();    stmt.addBatch( sql 1st insert stmt1 );    stmt.addBatch( sql 2nd insert stmt1 );    ...    ....    // Set a named savepoint.    Savepoint svpt = conn.setSavepoint("NewSavepoint");    ...    stmt.addBatch( sql nth insert stmt  );    ....    if(some condition)    {    }    else  //condition not satisfies then rollback    {      conn.rollback(svpt);    }    int rowsAfted = stmt.executeBatch( );    conn.commit(); //this commits only the statements before set savepoint method    }    catch(..)    {      ..    }


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