Benchmarks with millisecond accuracy

Benchmarks with millisecond accuracy

The Timer function returns a value which is only accurate to about 55 milliseconds, therefore it is not very useful for doing accurate benchmarks. If you need a better resolution you may try out this function:

Private Type SMPTE    hour As Byte    min As Byte    sec As Byte    frame As Byte    fps As Byte    dummy As Byte    pad(2) As ByteEnd TypePrivate Type MMTIME    wType As Long    units As Long    smpteVal As SMPTE    songPtrPos As LongEnd TypePrivate Declare Function timeGetSystemTime Lib "winmm.dll" (lpTime As MMTIME, _    ByVal uSize As Long) As Long' return the current system time (in milliseconds)Function GetCurrentTime() As Long    ' assign this value to wType field to     ' specify time measurement in milliseconds    Const TIME_MS = 1    Dim mmt As MMTIME    mmt.wType = TIME_MS    timeGetSystemTime mmt, LenB(mmt)    GetCurrentTime = mmt.unitsEnd Function


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