A better beep

A better beep

If you aren’t satisfied with the standard Beep command (who is?) you can use the Beep API function instead, that lets you control both the frequency (in Hertz) and the duration (in milliseconds) of the beep. Note that you need an aliased Declare to avoid a name conflict with the VB command:

Private Declare Function BeepAPI Lib "kernel32" Alias "Beep" (ByVal dwFrequency _    As Long, ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long) As Long

The standard Beep command has a frequency of 440 Hertz and a duration of 200 milliseconds (more or less), so you can produce a short beep with a higher pitch with the following statement:

BeepAPI 600, 100

And of course you can even produce more complex sounds, when a simple beep won’t suffice:

Dim i As Long For i = 100 To 1000 Step 10    BeepAPI i, 20Next


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