Get the list of ODBC drivers

Get the list of ODBC drivers

The ODBCTOOL.DLL library contains three functions that make it easier to manage DSNs. To run the following code you must add a reference to the “ODBC Driver & Data Source Name Functions” library to your References dialog box. If you don’t find this library listed in the References list, use the Start-Find dialog to locate it (it should be in the Microsoft Visual StudioCommonToolsAPE directory).

To get the list of installed ODBC drivers you can use the following code:

' Fill a listbox control with the list of all available DSNsDim odbcTool As New ODBCTool.DsnDim Dsn() As String, i As LongIf odbcTool.GetOdbcDriverList(Dsn()) Then    ' a True return value means success    lstOdbcDrivers.Clear    For i = 0 To UBound(dsn)        lstOdbcDrivers.AddItem dsn(i)    NextElse    ' a False value means error    MsgBox "Unable to read ODBC driver list", vbExclamationEnd If


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