Get the list of ODBC drivers

The ODBCTOOL.DLL library contains three functions that make it easier to manage DSNs. To run the following code you must add a reference to the “ODBC Driver & Data Source Name Functions” library to your References dialog box. If you don’t find this library listed in the References list, use the Start-Find dialog to locate it (it should be in the Microsoft Visual StudioCommonToolsAPE directory).

To get the list of installed ODBC drivers you can use the following code:

' Fill a listbox control with the list of all available DSNsDim odbcTool As New ODBCTool.DsnDim Dsn() As String, i As LongIf odbcTool.GetOdbcDriverList(Dsn()) Then    ' a True return value means success    lstOdbcDrivers.Clear    For i = 0 To UBound(dsn)        lstOdbcDrivers.AddItem dsn(i)    NextElse    ' a False value means error    MsgBox "Unable to read ODBC driver list", vbExclamationEnd If

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