Download and save an HTML page with the Internet Transfer control

Download and save an HTML page with the Internet Transfer control

You can easily download an HTML page by using the Internet Transfer Control (INet). Here’s a reusable routine that uses this control to download the HTML page at the specified URL and optionally save it to a local file. In either case the routine returns the contents of the page as a string:

' Return the contents of an HTML page at a given URL' and optionally save it to a file'' uses an Internet Transfer Control,' that must be passed in the first argumentFunction GetHTMLPage(INet As INet, ByVal URL As String, _    Optional FileName As String) As String    Dim fnum As Integer        ' cancel any pending operation    INet.Cancel    ' set protocol to HTTP    INet.Protocol = icHTTP    ' get the page    GetHTMLPage = INet.OpenURL(URL)        ' save to a file, if requested    If FileName <> "" Then        fnum = FreeFile        Open FileName For Output As #fnum        Print #fnum, GetHTMLPage;        Close #fnum    End If    End Function

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