Checking if a Floppy Drive is ready using FileSystemObject library

The Microsoft Scripting Runtime Library offers a FileSystemObject and a Drive object that allow you to check if a Floppy drive is ready. Before writing the code you have to add this library to your project using the References dialog window. If the library isn’t contained in the list, you can download it from Microsoft web site at

With the FileSystemObject’s GetDrive method you get a reference to a Drive object that points to the drive you’ve specified. Test the drive state through IsReady property. Here’s a very compact function that contains all the code you need:

' Test whether a drive is readyFunction IsDriveReady(sDrive As String) As Boolean   Dim fso As New FileSystemObject   IsFloppyDriveReady = fso.GetDrive(sDrive).IsReadyEnd Function
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