Don’t include Extender properties in ActiveX Wizard

Don’t include Extender properties in ActiveX Wizard

The left-most listbox in the first page in the ActiveX Control Interface Wizard includes all the properties exposed by the constituent controls currently on the UserControl’s surface. Unfortunately, this list includes Extender properties, methods, and events, which should be never added to the public interface of the ActiveX control being built. In fact, these items can’t be accessed from client apps, because the Extender property has a higher priority, and in some cases you get an error when you place the ActiveX control on a VB form’s surface.

This is the list of elements that shouldn’t be included in the public interface of a UserControl module:

  • ActiveControl
  • Align
  • CanPropertyChange
  • CausesValidation
  • DataFormat
  • DataMember
  • DataMembers
  • DataSource
  • InitProperties
  • ReadProperties
  • ToolTipText
  • Validate
  • ValidateControls
  • WhatsThisHelpID
  • WriteProperties


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