Changing the font for the VS.NET IDE’s dialogs and windows

Changing the font for the VS.NET IDE’s dialogs and windows

If you do presentations/trainings and have to use VS.NET, and actually want your students to see the text on the IDE’s windows and dialog, you’d be better off changing the default font. You have two ways to do this:

  1. Start the IDE by launching devenv.exe with the /fn and /fs parameters, which allows you to specify the font name and size of the font to use. For example run devenv /fn Arial /fs 20 if you want to use Arial of size 20.
  2. Launch VS.NET as usual, then open the Tools | Options… dialog. Select the Environment | Fonts and Colors options page. Select Dialogs and Tool Windows from the top-most dropdown list on the right site, and choose the font name/size you want to apply to the IDE’s windows.

To reset the IDE to the default font, go to the Options dialog used in point 2 above, and click the Use Defaults button.

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