GetSelectedText – The highlighted string in the code window

GetSelectedText – The highlighted string in the code window

' Return the string of code the is selected in the code window' that is currently active. ' This function can only be used inside an add-in.Function GetSelectedText(VBInstance As VBIDE.VBE) As String     Dim startLine As Long, startCol As Long     Dim endLine As Long, endCol As Long     Dim codeText As String     Dim cpa As VBIDE.CodePane     Dim cmo As VBIDE.CodeModule        On Error Resume Next        ' get a reference to the active code window and the underlying module     ' exit if no one is available     Set cpa = VBInstance.ActiveCodePane     Set cmo = cpa.CodeModule     If Err Then Exit Function        ' get the current selection coordinates     cpa.GetSelection startLine, startCol, endLine, endCol     ' exit if no text is highlighted     If startLine = endLine And startCol = endCol Then Exit Function        ' get the code text     If startLine = endLine Then          ' only one line is partially or fully highlighted          codeText = Mid$(cmo.Lines(startLine, 1), startCol, endCol - startCol)     Else          ' the selection spans multiple lines of code          ' first, get the selection of the first line          codeText = Mid$(cmo.Lines(startLine, 1), startCol) & vbCrLf          ' then get the lines in the middle, that are fully highlighted          If startLine + 1 < endLine Then               codeText = codeText & cmo.Lines(startLine + 1, _                   endLine - startLine - 1)          End If          ' finally, get the highlighted portion of the last line          codeText = codeText & Left$(cmo.Lines(endLine, 1), endCol - 1)     End If        GetSelectedText = codeTextEnd Function

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