ArrayAny – Return an initialized array of any type

ArrayAny – Return an initialized array of any type

' Returns an array and initializes it with passed data.'' It is similar to the Array function, but it works with' array of any type. The type of the returned array is' assumed to be the type of the first element in the' parameter list, so you might need to force a given' data type using one of the VB's data conversion functions'' Example: return the array of the first 8 prime numbers, as Longs'     primes() = ArrayAny(2&, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19)'  or'     primes() = ArrayAny(CLng(2), 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19)Function ArrayAny(ParamArray values() As Variant) As Variant    Dim i As Long    Dim maxEl As Long    Dim res As Variant        maxEl = UBound(values)        ' we can't use the vbObject constant for objects    ' because the VarType() function might return    ' the type of the object's default property    If IsObject(values(0)) Then        ReDim arrObj(0 To maxEl) As Object        ' we need a separate loop, too        For i = 0 To maxEl            Set arrObj(i) = values(i)        Next        ArrayAny = arrObj()        Exit Function    End If        ' create different arrays, depending on the    ' type of the first argument    Select Case VarType(values(0))        Case vbInteger            ReDim arrInt(0 To maxEl) As Integer            res = arrInt()        Case vbLong            ReDim arrLng(0 To maxEl) As Long            res = arrLng()        Case vbSingle            ReDim arrSng(0 To maxEl) As Single            res = arrSng()        Case vbDouble            ReDim arrDbl(0 To maxEl) As Double            res = arrDbl()        Case vbCurrency            ReDim arrCur(0 To maxEl) As Currency            res = arrCur()        Case vbString            ReDim arrStr(0 To maxEl) As String            res = arrStr()        Case vbDate            ReDim arrDat(0 To maxEl) As Date            res = arrDat()        Case vbBoolean            ReDim arrBol(0 To maxEl) As Boolean            res = arrBol()        Case Else            ' unsupported data type            ' (might be a UDT or an array)            Err.Raise 5    End Select                ' now we can copy all values into the array    For i = 0 To maxEl        res(i) = values(i)    Next    ArrayAny = resEnd Function

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