GetAllFiles – Search files in a directory or directory tree

GetAllFiles – Search files in a directory or directory tree

' Returns a collection with the names of all the files' that match a file specification'' The file specification can include wildcards; multiple' specifications can be provided, using a semicolon-delimited' list, as in "*.tmp;*.bat"' If RECURSEDIR is True the search is extended to all subdirectories'' It raises no error if path is invalid'Function GetAllFiles(ByVal path As String, ByVal filespec As String, _    Optional RecurseDirs As Boolean) As Collection    Dim spec As Variant    Dim file As Variant    Dim subdir As Variant    Dim subdirs As New Collection    Dim specs() As String        ' initialize the result    Set GetAllFiles = New Collection        ' ensure that path has a trailing backslash    If Right$(path, 1) <> "" Then path = path & ""        ' get the list of provided file specifications    specs() = Split(filespec, ";")        ' this is necessary to ignore duplicates in result    ' caused by overlapping file specifications    On Error Resume Next                    ' at each iteration search for a different filespec    For Each spec In specs        ' start the search        file = Dir$(path & spec)        Do While Len(file)            ' we've found a new file            file = path & file            GetAllFiles.Add file, file            ' get ready for the next iteration            file = Dir$        Loop    Next        ' first, build the list of subdirectories to be searched    If RecurseDirs Then        ' get the collection of subdirectories        ' start the search        file = Dir$(path & "*.*", vbDirectory)        Do While Len(file)            ' we've found a new directory            If file = "." Or file = ".." Then                ' exclude the "." and ".." entries            ElseIf (GetAttr(path & file) And vbDirectory) = 0 Then                ' ignore regular files            Else                ' this is a directory, include the path in the collection                file = path & file                subdirs.Add file, file            End If            ' get next directory            file = Dir$        Loop                ' parse each subdirectory        For Each subdir In subdirs            ' use GetAllFiles recursively            For Each file In GetAllFiles(subdir, filespec, True)                GetAllFiles.Add file, file            Next        Next    End If    End Function

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