GetShortenedFileName – Make a filename shorter using ellipses

' return a file path not longer than the number of character' specified in the 2nd argument'' If necessary, it replaces directory names with ellipsises'' Author: Fred Block'         CuzWare Systems'         E-mail: [email protected]'         Web Site: http://www.cuzware.comFunction GetShortenedFileName(ByVal strFilePath As String, _    ByVal maxLength As Long) As String    Dim astrTemp() As String    Dim lngCount As Long    Dim strTemp As String    Dim index As Long        ' if the path is shorter than the max allowed length, just return it    If Len(strFilePath) <= maxLength Then        GetShortenedFileName = strFilePath    Else        ' split the path in its constituent dirs        astrTemp() = Split(strFilePath, "")        lngCount = UBound(astrTemp)                ' lets replace each part with ellipsis, until the length is OK        ' but never substitute drive and file name        For index = 1 To lngCount - 1            astrTemp(index) = "..."            ' rebuild the result            GetShortenedFileName = Join(astrTemp, "")            If Len(GetShortenedFileName) <= maxLength Then Exit For        Next    End If    End Function

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