GetPrimeNumbers – Evaluate the first N prime numbers

GetPrimeNumbers – Evaluate the first N prime numbers

' Returns an array with the first N prime numbers'' Note: you can easily convert this routine to VB4 and VB5 by' returning the result array through an argument instead of' the return valueFunction GetPrimeNumbers(numberOfPrimes As Long) As Long()    Dim found As Long    Dim n As Long    Dim i As Long        If numberOfPrimes <= 0 Then Err.Raise 1002, , "Invalid argument"        ' we know the size of the result in advance    ReDim result(1 To numberOfPrimes) As Long        ' "2" is the first prime number    result(1) = 2: found = 1        n = 1    Do        ' all other prime numbers are odd, so we can skip even numbers        n = n + 2        ' let's check if N is a prime number        For i = 1 To found            If (n Mod result(i)) = 0 Then Exit For        Next        If i > found Then            ' no prime number < N is a divisor for N            ' therefore N is prime            found = found + 1            result(found) = n            If found = numberOfPrimes Then Exit Do        End If    Loop        GetPrimeNumbers = resultEnd Function

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