GetCpuInfo – Retrieve information about the CPU

GetCpuInfo – Retrieve information about the CPU

Const HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = &H80000002' Information about the CPU' you can pass a number <>1 to the last argument to retrieve' information on all the processors in a multi-CPU system'' Returns null strings or MHz=-1 if keys aren't found'' Requires the GetRegistryValue routineSub GetCpuInfo(Description As String, Vendor As String, MHz As Integer, _    Optional CpuNumber As Integer = 1)    Dim keyName As String, speed As String        keyName = "HardwareDescriptionSystemCentralProcessor" & CStr(CpuNumber - _        1)    ' description and vendor info are kept in these keys    Description = GetRegistryValue(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, keyName, "Identifier", _        "")    Vendor = GetRegistryValue(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, keyName, "VendorIdentifier", _        "")        ' speed is stored as an hex number    speed = GetRegistryValue(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, keyName, "~MHz", "")    If LCase$(Left$(speed, 2)) = "0x" Then        MHz = Val("&H" & Mid$(speed, 3))    Else        MHz = -1    End IfEnd Sub

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