SetVBASetting – Modify one of the VBA code editor settings

Const HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = &H80000002' modify the value of a setting for the VBA editor from the Registry'' Possible values for SettingName are:'   AutoQuickTips2      (0/1)'   AutoStatement2      (0/1)'   AutoValueTips2      (0/1)'   BackGroundCompile   (0/1)'   CompileOnDemand     (0/1)'   DragDropInEditor    (0/1)'   EndProcLine         (0/1)'   FontFace            (a string, eg "Courier New")'   FontHeight          (an integer number)'   OBGroupMembers      (0/1)   (OB=Object Browser='   OBSearchHeight      (an integer number)'   RequireDeclaration  (0/1)'' If you pass an unrecognized setting name, it raises error 5'' Requires the SetRegistryValue functionSub SetVBASetting(ByVal SettingName As String, NewValue As Variant)    Dim value As Variant        ' ensure that the right data type will be used    ' all settings are DWORD, except FontFace    If LCase$(SettingName) = "fontface" Then        value = CStr(NewValue)    Else        value = CLng(NewValue)    End If            SetRegistryValue HKEY_CURRENT_USER, _        "SoftwareMicrosoftVBAMicrosoft Visual Basic", SettingName, valueEnd Sub

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