GetKeyboardRepeatInfo – Retrieve information about keyboard auto-repeat feature

GetKeyboardRepeatInfo – Retrieve information about keyboard auto-repeat feature

Private Declare Function SystemParametersInfo Lib "user32" Alias _    "SystemParametersInfoA" (ByVal uAction As Long, ByVal uParam As Long, _    ByRef lpvParam As Any, ByVal fuWinIni As Long) As LongConst SPI_GETKEYBOARDDELAY = 22Const SPI_GETKEYBOARDSPEED = 10' retreive current values for keyboard speed and delay'' DELAY is the timeout after which auto.repeat starts'       can range from 0 (250ms) to 3 (1 sec)' SPEED is the speed of auto-repeat'       can range from 0 (2.5 repetitions/sec) to'                 to 31 (about 30 repetitions/sec)'' Usage:'   Dim de As Long, sp As Long'   GetKeyboardRepeatInfo de, sp'   Print "Delay = " & de & " ms. - Speed = " & sp & " ms."Sub GetKeyboardRepeatInfo(Delay As Long, Speed As Long)    ' retrieve the delay    SystemParametersInfo SPI_GETKEYBOARDDELAY, 0, Delay, 0    ' retrieve the speed    SystemParametersInfo SPI_GETKEYBOARDSPEED, 0, Speed, 0End Sub

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