GetHiddenClasses – Retrieve all the hidden classes in a type library

' Return a collection with all hidden types of a type library'' VB's Object Browser hides some types in a type library:' you can show these types by right clicking on the Object Browser and' activating the "Show hidden members" option. This option, however,' shows only types labelled as "hidden", but still hides those whose name' begins with the underscore character (_).' Be sure that "TypeLib Information" type library (TlbInf32.tlb)' is referenced in your VB project.Function GetHiddenClasses(ByVal TypeLibFile As String) As Collection    Dim TLI As New TLIApplication    Dim TypeLibrary As TypeLibInfo    Dim TypeInfo As TypeInfo    Dim FileName As String        ' raises an error if unable to open the type library    ' (e.g. file not found or not a TLB)    Set TypeLibrary = TLI.TypeLibInfoFromFile(TypeLibFile)        ' prepare the result    Set GetHiddenClasses = New Collection        ' fill the return collection with hidden type names    For Each TypeInfo In TypeLibrary.TypeInfos        ' if the type is hidden, add to the result collection        If TypeInfo.AttributeMask And TYPEFLAG_FHIDDEN Then            GetHiddenClasses.Add TypeInfo.Name        End If    NextEnd Function

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