ShowColorDialog – Show the standard color dialog

Private Type ChooseColorStruct    lStructSize As Long    hwndOwner As Long    hInstance As Long    rgbResult As Long    lpCustColors As Long    flags As Long    lCustData As Long    lpfnHook As Long    lpTemplateName As StringEnd TypePrivate Declare Function ChooseColor Lib "comdlg32.dll" Alias "ChooseColorA" _    (lpChoosecolor As ChooseColorStruct) As LongPrivate Declare Function OleTranslateColor Lib "oleaut32.dll" (ByVal lOleColor _    As Long, ByVal lHPalette As Long, lColorRef As Long) As Long    Private Const CC_RGBINIT = &H1&Private Const CC_FULLOPEN = &H2&Private Const CC_PREVENTFULLOPEN = &H4&Private Const CC_SHOWHELP = &H8&Private Const CC_ENABLEHOOK = &H10&Private Const CC_ENABLETEMPLATE = &H20&Private Const CC_ENABLETEMPLATEHANDLE = &H40&Private Const CC_SOLIDCOLOR = &H80&Private Const CC_ANYCOLOR = &H100&Private Const CLR_INVALID = &HFFFF' Show the common dialog for choosing a color.' Return the chosen color, or -1 if the dialog is canceled'' hParent is the handle of the parent form' bFullOpen specifies whether the dialog will be open with the Full style ' (allows to choose many more colors)' InitColor is the color initially selected when the dialog is open' Example:'    Dim oleNewColor As OLE_COLOR'    oleNewColor = ShowColorsDialog(Me.hwnd, True, vbRed)'    If oleNewColor <> -1 Then Me.BackColor = oleNewColorFunction ShowColorDialog(Optional ByVal hParent As Long, _    Optional ByVal bFullOpen As Boolean, Optional ByVal InitColor As OLE_COLOR) _    As Long    Dim CC As ChooseColorStruct    Dim aColorRef(15) As Long    Dim lInitColor As Long      ' translate the initial OLE color to a long value    If InitColor <> 0 Then        If OleTranslateColor(InitColor, 0, lInitColor) Then            lInitColor = CLR_INVALID        End If    End If        'fill the ChooseColorStruct struct    With CC        .lStructSize = Len(CC)        .hwndOwner = hParent        .lpCustColors = VarPtr(aColorRef(0))        .rgbResult = lInitColor        .flags = CC_SOLIDCOLOR Or CC_ANYCOLOR Or CC_RGBINIT Or IIf(bFullOpen, _            CC_FULLOPEN, 0)    End With        ' Show the dialog    If ChooseColor(CC) Then        'if not canceled, return the color        ShowColorDialog = CC.rgbResult    Else        'else return -1        ShowColorDialog = -1    End IfEnd Function

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