ServiceCommand – Start, stop, pause, continue a service using Active Directory

Private Enum CommandOpConstants    cocStart = 1    cocStop    cocPause    cocContinueEnd Enum' Start, Stop, Pause or Continue a service using Active Directory' Returns True if successful'' NOTE: requires a reference to the Active DS Type libraryFunction ServiceCommand(ByVal ServiceName As String, _    ByVal CommandOp As CommandOpConstants) As Boolean    Dim thisComputer As ActiveDs.IADsComputer    Dim thisService As ActiveDs.IADsServiceOperations    ' we need this object to retrieve computer name    Dim sysInfo As New ActiveDs.WinNTSystemInfo        On Error Resume Next       ' retrieve the AD object corresponding to this computer    Set thisComputer = GetObject("WinNT://" & sysInfo.ComputerName & _        ",computer")    ' get the reference to the service    Set thisService = thisComputer.GetObject("Service", ServiceName)        ' perform the requested operation    Select Case CommandOp        Case cocStart            thisService.Start        Case cocStop            thisService.Stop        Case cocPause            thisService.Pause        Case cocContinue            thisService.Continue    End Select        ' return True if there was no error    ServiceCommand = (Err.Number = 0)End Function

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