FormatDateTimeEx – Extended formatting for date and time values

FormatDateTimeEx – Extended formatting for date and time values

Enum DateTimeFormat    dtGeneralDate    dtLongDate    dtMediumDate    dtShortDate        dtLongTime    dtMediumTime    dtShortTime        dtCustomEnd Enum' Enhanced VB FormatDateTime functionFunction FormatDateTimeEx(newDate, Optional ByVal dtFormat As DateTimeFormat = _    dtGeneralDate, Optional FirstDayOfWeek As VbDayOfWeek = vbSunday, _    Optional FirstWeekOfYear As VbFirstWeekOfYear = vbFirstJan1)        ' Select the right formatting function    Select Case dtFormat        Case dtGeneralDate            FormatDateTimeEx = FormatDateTime(newDate, vbGeneralDate)        Case dtLongDate            FormatDateTimeEx = FormatDateTime(newDate, vbLongDate)        Case dtMediumDate            FormatDateTimeEx = Format(newDate, "Medium Date", FirstDayOfWeek, _                FirstWeekOfYear)        Case dtShortDate            FormatDateTimeEx = FormatDateTime(newDate, vbShortDate)        Case dtLongTime            FormatDateTimeEx = FormatDateTime(newDate, vbLongTime)        Case dtMediumTime            FormatDateTimeEx = Format(newDate, "Medium Time", FirstDayOfWeek, _                FirstWeekOfYear)        Case dtShortTime            FormatDateTimeEx = FormatDateTime(newDate, vbShortTime)        Case dtCustom            FormatDateTimeEx = Format(newDate, "dddd d mmmm yyyy - Hh:Nn:Ss")    End Select    End Function

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