ShellSort – A compact routine that sorts data in place

' ShellSort.  A compact routine that sorts data in place (no extra memory ' needed) and runs in O(N (log N)^2) time.  Not stable (does not preserve ' original order of records with equal keys).' Like InsertionSort, works by taking a key from the right side of the list and ' comparing it with keys to the left until the correct position is found to ' insert it.  Differs from InsertionSort (and resembles CombSort) by moving ' leftward by interval GAP instead of one key at a time.  GAP is initially ' large (to move keys close to their final position rapidly) and is ' subsequently reduced until it equals 1 and the list is sorted.  Two versions ' are given.  pShellSortS is an indirect (pointerized) version for strings,'  which can be adapted to doubles by changing the declaration of A().  ' ShellSortL is a direct version for longs, which can be adapted to integers.'' Speed:  pShellSortS sorts 500,000 random strings in 115 sec; sorts 100186 ' library call numbers in 18 sec; sorts 25479 dictionary words in 3.2 sec ' (random order), 0.83 sec (presorted) or 1.4 sec (reverse sorted).  ShellSortL ' sorts 500,000 random longs in 67 seconds.  Timed in Excel 2001 on an 800 mhz ' PowerBook.'' Bottom line:  with O(N (log N)^2) behavior, there are better choices.' Usage:  Dim S1(L To R) As StringDim P1(L To R) As LongDim L1(L To R) As Long For I = L To R    S1(I) = GetRandomString()    P1(I) = I    L1(I) = GetRandomLong()Next IpShellSortS L, R, S1, P1ShellSortL L, R, L1' CODE:Sub pShellSortS(L As Long, R As Long, A() As String, P() As Long)    Dim GAP As Long    Dim I As Long    Dim J As Long    Dim TMP As Long    GAP = 1    'Find largest possible GAP.    While GAP * 3 < R - L        GAP = GAP * 3 + 1    Wend    While GAP > 0        For I = GAP + 1 To R        'Start with a right hand pointer.            TMP = P(I)            J = I        'Compare it leftward at intervals of GAP.            Do While J > GAP         'If the left pointer's value is higher, shift it right & go left          ' another GAP.                If A(P(J - GAP)) > A(TMP) Then                    P(J) = P(J - GAP)                    J = J - GAP                Else                    Exit Do                End If            Loop        'The right pointer's value was equal or higher, so insert it here.            P(J) = TMP        Next I    'Shrink the GAP until it reaches 1.        GAP = GAP / 3    WendEnd SubSub ShellSortL(L As Long, R As Long, A() As Long)    Dim GAP As Long    Dim I As Long    Dim J As Long    Dim TMP As Long    GAP = 1    While GAP * 3 < R - L        GAP = GAP * 3 + 1    Wend    While GAP > 0        For I = GAP + 1 To R            TMP = A(I)            J = I            Do While J > GAP                If A(J - GAP) > TMP Then                    A(J) = A(J - GAP)                    J = J - GAP                Else                    Exit Do                End If            Loop            A(J) = TMP        Next I        GAP = GAP / 3    WendEnd Sub

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