GetMdacVersion – Retrieve the installed MDAC version

GetMdacVersion – Retrieve the installed MDAC version

' Retrieve the installed MDAC version'' Examples:'   Dim ver As Version = GetMdacVersion()'   ' print the full version'   MessageBox.Show(ver.ToString())'   ' print the major and minor portions'   MessageBox.Show("Major: " & ver.Major & ", Minor: " & ver.Minor)'   ' check whether the current version is at least 2.7'   If ver.CompareTo(New Version(2, 7, 0, 0)) < 0 Then'      MessageBox.Show("MDAC version 2.7 or above is required!")'   End IfFunction GetMdacVersion() As Version    ' get the value of the FullInstallVer value under the HKLMSOFTWARE    ' MicrosoftDataAccess key    Dim regKey As Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey = _        Microsoft.Win32.Registry.LocalMachine.OpenSubKey( _        "SOFTWAREMicrosoftDataAccess")    Dim ver As String = CType(regKey.GetValue("FullInstallVer", ""), _        String)    regKey.Close()    ' split the string in tokens and build a Version object    Dim verTokens() As String = ver.Split("."c)    Return New Version( Integer.Parse(verTokens(0)), Integer.Parse(verTokens(1)) _        , Integer.Parse(verTokens(2)), Integer.Parse(verTokens(3)))End Function

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