GetScreenSnapshot – Retrieving the current contents of the screen or the active window

' Return the current contents of the screen or the active window' It works by simulating the typing of the Print-Screen key (and Alt key if ' activeWindowOnly is True), which dumps the screen to the clipboard.' ' Example: PictureBox1.Image = GetScreenSnapshot(True)Function GetScreenSnapshot() As Image    Return GetScreenSnapshot(False)End FunctionFunction GetScreenSnapshot(ByVal activeWindowOnly As Boolean) As Image    ' Alt-Print Screen captures the active window only    If activeWindowOnly Then        SendKeys.SendWait("%{PRTSC}")    Else        SendKeys.SendWait("{PRTSC 2}")    End If    ' return the bitmap now in the clipboard    Return DirectCast(Clipboard.GetDataObject().GetData(DataFormats.Bitmap), _        Image)End Function

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