Handling a Final Empty Parameter

Handling a Final Empty Parameter

The StringTokenizer and the Missing Token tip tells us how to cater for empty parameters, for example in the comma delimited string following:


The tip works well, with the following exception?it does not handle a final, empty parameter, for example:


To do this, you will need to determine if the tokenised string has a single comma as its last character. If it does, then add another empty string element to your vector/arraylist.

The additional code would look like this:

   // define an EMPTY_TOKEN constant and use in body   final String EMPTY_TOKEN = "";   ...   // If the last character is , (empty last parameter) add another vectorelement   if (input.substring(input.length() - 1).equals(","))   {       v.addElement(EMPTY_TOKEN);   }

Place the code before the last return statement.


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