Named Parameters in C++

Named parameters allow you to send function arguments in any sequence. This is very useful when your functions have long parameter lists. Named parameters are not supported in C++, but you can achieve the same functionality with this code:

class person;class Employee{public:	void setEmployeeDetail (person& p);	void setEmployeeDetail (const string& name, int age)	{ cout << name.c_str() << age << endl;}};class person{public:	person& setName (const string& name)	{mName = name; return *this;}	person& setAge (int age)	{mAge = age; return *this;}	string getName ()	{return mName;}	int getAge ()	{return mAge;}private:	string mName; int mAge;};void Employee::setEmployeeDetail (person& p){ setEmployeeDetail (p.getName (),p.getAge () ); }void main (){  Employee e;  e.setEmployeeDetail (person().setAge(28).setName("Duluc")); }
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