Generating a Sequence of Numbers in SQL Server

Generating a Sequence of Numbers in SQL Server

You can use this method to fill the dropdown lists on a Web page, Combo box, or List box in a Windows application.

First, make the lists data-bound to a query or stored procedure.

CREATE PROCEDURE GetSequenceOfNumbers	@FirstNumber INT, @LastNumber INTASBEGIN--Validation -- you can also add code to see if the @FirstNumber is less than @LastNumber--Create the temporary tableCREATE TABLE #TEMP_SEQUENCE(DisplayLabel VARCHAR(10), Value INT)--Insert all the values between specified range..WHILE @LastNumber >= @FirstNumberBEGIN	INSERT INTO #TEMP_SEQUENCE VALUES (CAST(@FirstNumber AS VARCHAR), @FirstNumber)	SELECT @FirstNumber = @FirstNumber + 1END--return the values from temporary tableSELECT DisplayLabel, VALUE FROM #TEMP_SEQUENCEENDGO
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