Improving performance

Improving performance

The repeater in my application seems to be very slow in populating. Is there anything I can do to improve its performance?

Poor performance can be the result of a wide number of interacting factors, so to deliver a prescription with so little information would be inaccurate.

That said, I can offer a couple of places to look at for potential problems specifically related to repeaters.

Make sure your RowFetchMode is set to “Fetch As Needed” to avoid fetching all the rows that may eventually end up in the repeater at one time. Of course, if you need all the rows for some type of aggregate total, you will not have this option.

Second, if possible, reduce the number of derived fields that use the SqlLookup() method. Currently, OPO does an individual SQL statement for each lookup, so having three lookups could have some impact on the performance of the repeater.


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