DBMS Advantages

DBMS Advantages

Our business is just starting to look at using a relational databasemanagement system. We are currently using computers, but the usershave their own copies of whatever data they need to work with. What are the real advantages of using database management systems?

There are several advantages. Here are some of them:

  • Centralized control ? since all the data can be stored on one or morecomputers using the same database management software, it is easier toadminister.
  • Since the data is centralized, there is no need to duplicate information.Unlike paper systems, every user can see a “copy” of the data without makingactual new copies. Similarly, the database management system eliminatesthe need for duplication that results from using single-user, isolated application programs.
  • Again, because of centralization, the database management systemcan maintain a degree of accuracy that it not possible when data is storedthroughout the organization. It also is easier to enforce standards.
  • Security of the organization’s data is greatly improved when it is storedin a database management system ? data can be restricted so that only thoseusers who are authorized may see or manipulate it.

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