Why won’t my Perl program copy files from a virtual FTP directory to another?

I have an account with a Web space provider which includes a virtual FTP area.I’m trying to write a perl program that, when run, will copy all files from the virtual FTP server directory (home/karting/ftp/incoming/MyDir) to my public_html directory (home/karting/public_html/MyDir)

I’ve tried using the “rename” command, but nothing works! Any help would be very appreciated!

The problem is most likely with permissions, or withthe fact that the home directory and path for thecgi program is not the same as that of your login account.

Here is a shell CGI script that copies files from asource directory (src) to a destination directory (dst):

   #!/bin/sh   echo  Content-type: text/plain   echo   echo “Here are the SOURCE files”   ls -sF /home/ray/src   echo “Copying files…”   cp /home/ray/src/* /home/ray/dst   echo “Now here are the DESTINATION files”   ls -sF /home/ray/dst 
I tried this using virtual names like ~/src and it didnot work. However, it did work using absolute pathnameslike /home/ray/src.

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