Linking LANs/workgroups together

What is the simplest way to physically link two separate local networks comprised of an NT 4.0 server, individual demarcation point and hub, and 1 Mac OS Server Network, individual demarcation point and hub?

To achieve connectivity between the two networks, combine them to share the same Ethernet segment. All you need to do is connect the servers to Ethernet ports on the same segment. You will now be able to access both resources.

If you wish to segment the network, i.e. maintain dedicated 10 or 100 Mbps bandwidth for each environment, follow either of the following two methods.

The first entails the addition of an Ethernet card in either one of the servers. For instance, if you choose to install a second Ethernet adapter on the NT server, connect this to the hub that runs the Mac OS server. Then you will have effectively segmented the network and will be able to access both resources. Bear in mind that if you are using TCP/IP you must employ separate IP network addresses and accompanying subnet masks.

The second approach is to install an Ethernet switch, and connect each of the servers to its own switched port on the Ethernet switch.

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