I/O stream and opening to a file

I have a completed program coded as a bubble sort. I must now read and write to a file. I am using fstream.h and coding an input for the user to enter a file name. After a name is entered, the program terminates because no file exists. My question (see block of code):

void displaydata ( char** aszData){ | | | int getdata (char ** aszData, int nMax){  char szBuf[100]  ifstream fInput;  cout <<"file could not be opened. Program          aborted.";  exit (1);  }
I don’t know how get the file name into the program. The program now sorts names. I am interested in letting the user input a file name, then have the program let names be entered and sort and finally save to file. Is this possible without getting too involved?

Here’s what to do: ifstream should be constructed with a file name as an argument, like:

char fileName [100]; // holds the filenamecout << "enter file name " ;cin >> fileName;ifstream if (fileName);// .. code to read from the stream
That should solve your problem.

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