The class and Microsoft file systems

The class and Microsoft file systems

After about 4 hours of work, I’d come up with an application (alltext, runs from the command line) that asks for a starting directory,and recursively writes all of that directory’s file names (includingfiles in subdirectories) and the directories they reside in to acomma-delimited text file. It works beautifully, unless you use aroot directory to start in. In other words, you can pass it”c:windows”, but not “c:”. We want to index off the root of theCD-ROMs, so this is a problem.

There is a bug in some Java implementations where C: is not a validfilename under Microsoft Windows95/NT, producing unpredictable errors.To reliably access the root directory, you currently have to append adot to the directory path. For example, use the Java String “C:\.”instead of “C:\”.


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