Visual InterDev and the server

Visual InterDev and the server

I was wondering how Visual InterDev communicates with the server to publish the information there. I’m pretty sure it uses some form of TCP/IP, but was wondering what protocol and port it uses to place the content on the server.

Visual InterDev uses HTTP over TCP/IP to communicate with the server. As you know, VID’s administration and authoring functions are enabled through the FrontPage extensions.
You’ve no doubt seen those strange directories such as _vti_bin, _vit_adm and _vti_aut. Inside those directories are DLLs such as author.dll and admin.dll. These are ISAPI extensions that handle VID’s requests to create webs, fetch ASP code, and so on.
Here’s a trivia note: the letters VTI in the directories came from Vermeer Technologies Inc., the originator of FrontPage. Microsoft acquired Vermeer.

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