Image loading

Image loading

I’m having trouble reshaping a frame to the size of a loaded image. I start out by saying:

    int fx = image.getWidth(this);    int fy = image.getHeight(this);then I try to apply it to the frame    this.resize(fx, fy);

But, to my misfortune, the frame totally collapsesto nothing but the title bar. What am I doing wrong?

More than likely, either the image was not loaded properly, or it has not finished loading. You can check this by printing out the width and height values. If they are 0, the image isn’t loaded. Since your frame is collapsing after the resize, the image dimensions are almost certainly 0. To make sure an image has finished loading, you must use a java.awt.MediaTracker. There is a very good example in the javadocs for MediaTracker on how to do this, so I won’t go into the details here.


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