Saving List Box Data at Run Time 16 Bit Delphi 1

How do I save data entered in a list box at run time without resorting to a text file or having to deal with the overhead of a table? I am using 16bit Delphi 1.

The easiest way to approach this is to use a TFileStream and TStream’s ReadComponent and WriteComponent methods to open and save your saved list box. For instance, this is something that I use in my own code:

procedure TConfigForm.StreamList(Read : Boolean);var  strm : TFileStream;begin  //if Read then read the file off disk and load  //the list box. Otherwise, write it to disk.  //Notice that the Write methodology opens the  //stream with fmCreate. This will cause the   //current file to be overwritten  if Read then     begin      strm := TFileStream.Create(              ExtractFilePath(ParamStr(0) +              'ConfigList.DAT',               fmOpenRead);      try        strm.ReadComponent(lstConfigMain)      finally        strm.Free;      end;    end  else    begin      strm := TFileStream.Create(              ExtractFilePath(ParamStr(0) +               'ConfigLst.DAT',               fmCreate);      try        strm.WriteComponent(lstConfigMain)      finally        strm.Free;      end;    end;end;

It’s quick and dirty and demonstrates how to implement persistence in your components from run to run of your program.

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