Linked List

I need some help with this C++ add function.It adds a new node to the end of the list. I need it to add it to the beginning of the list.

  void list::add(string aString){  node* nodePointer = NULL;  node* traverser = NULL;  while (aString != "end")  {    if(nodePointer == NULL)    {      nodePointer = new node (aString);      traverser = nodePointer;    }    else    {      traverser->next = new node (aString);      traverser = traverser->next;     }    cout << "Another string? ";    cin >> aString;  }traverser = nodePointer;}

You didn’t indicate the purpose of the nodePointer and traverser variables, so I found it awkward to work with your code. But, assuming you used a variable called pHead to point to the head of a singly linked list, you could implement an add function that adds to the beginning of the list like this:

void list::add(NODE* pNode){    pNode->Next = pHead;    pHead = pNode;}

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