Access controls inside a tab object

Access controls inside a tab object

How can I access the controls placed on a tabpage in a tab object (for example, from a user event on a sheet window containing the tab object, to get the values of certain column of a datawindow on a tabpage of the tab object)? All tab pages are defined by inserting tab pages into the tab control object.

To access the pages of a tab control, you need to walk through the tab control array. For example, the following code loops through the array looking for the control on the selected tab that has the lowest none zero tab order. You can alter this code to do what you want and more:

Integer li_Max, li_I, li_Order = 9999DragObject ldo_Focus, ldo_Templi_Max = UpperBound( tb_1.Control[ tb_1.SelectedTab ].Control )FOR li_I = 1 TO li_Max  ldo_Temp = tb_1.Control[ tb_1.selectedtab ].Control[ li_I ]  IF ldo_Temp.taborder  0 THEN    li_Order = ldo_Temp.taborder    ldo_Focus = ldo_Temp  END IFNEXT


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