Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions

I built a Web site for my company using FrontPage 98 and can not seem to upload it back to the Internet. I get error messages about server extensions. What is the problem? I have AOL and use PrimeHost as our Internet Service Provider (ISP).

FrontPage uses code known as the FrontPage Server Extensions (FPSEs) to manage the content of FrontPage Web sites. Microsoft Visual InterDev uses these same extensions. The server extensions handle the mundane but necessary tasks involved in creating Web sites, creating new HTML pages, copying Web sites from server to server, and other similar activities. The FrontPage Server Extensions are not required for a FrontPage Web site to be usable. They are only used in the development of a Web site. When copying Web sites from server to server, the FrontPage Server Extensions must be present on both the source and destination Web servers in order to work properly. If your ISP does not use the FrontPage Server Extensions on the server to which you want to copy your Web site, you will be unable to use FrontPage’s built-in features for copying the Web site. You have two options. The first is to persuade your ISP to install the FPSEs. Otherwise, if they are unwilling to do so, the Web site and all associated pages must be manually copied to their destination.

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