Visualizing PowerBuilder

Visualizing PowerBuilder

I have a difficult time using PB because I can’t see the code flow. I am an experienced programmer with COBOL, PL/1, and SQL and have taken several PB courses as well as coded under an experienced PB programmer. I am missing the key to grasping PB because I’m a visual learner. PB seems like it’s all over the place with code buried under code. We have 4 layers of PBL’s: PFC, PFE, Info Tech, application. Is there a way to flowchart the code of an application so that I can readily navigate and comprehend visually the application and its components (objects)?

The best thing I can recommend is to get hold of a modelling tool such as Rational Rose or Riverton How and reverse-engineer the Application.

Then you will have an object model you can look at which will make visualizing the whole thing easier.

Also in PB6.5 there was a large chart of the PFC which is very useful for PFC programmers.


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