Problems Connecting to an Access Database

Problems Connecting to an Access Database

I created an ASP page through Microsoft Access. When I click the hyperlink that runs this page, I get nothing back from the query that is run. It’s almost as if the query never ran. I’m using Windows 95, Personal Web Server (PWS). The ASP page is using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) for the connection. Am I doing something wrong?

It’s hard to tell what might be the problem from the short description that you gave me, but the first thing I would change is your Web server. PWS for Windows 95 is the least reliable of all of Microsoft’s Web servers. I have known PWS to cause problems displaying pages correctly. Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0 is a much more reliable and robust Web server. I recommend that you use IIS 4 instead of PWS. Of course, IIS 4 precludes the use of Win95. You will need Windows NT to run IIS 4.

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