Using ASP as Opposed to HTML Files

Using ASP as Opposed to HTML Files

I have been testing the delivery of ASP pages versus HTML pages and found that there is a considerable difference (ASP = 1 per sec / HTML = 187 per sec). Which do you recommend using?


Yeah? Now try accessing a database, sorting the recordset and displaying the data in your pure HTML file. Can’t be done. Bottom line is: if you need any kind of server processing within a page (accessing data, number crunching, programming logic, and so forth), use an ASP page.

If all you want is to display static HTML data, by all means, do not use an ASP page. HTML pages can live peacefully in an ASP-based Web application. For example, say you have a Terms and Conditions page on your e-commerce site. Terms and conditions do not change very often. So although your shopping cart page will be an ASP page, the Terms and Conditions can be accessed easily as an HTML page.

Going one step further, it will be useful to identify what data do not change very often and convert the pages from ASP to HTML to improve your site’s response time.


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