Editing Received Outlook E-mail

Editing Received Outlook E-mail

In Outlook 97 it was possible to edit the body of a received e-mail message. This is valuable because I ask people for information about themselves, which they e-mail to me. Sometimes they forget to include info that I can deduce from other parts of the e-mail. I then type that info into the message and save it.

In Outlook 98 I can no longer edit the body of the received message. Is there a way to turn this restriction off?

In Outlook 98 you can readily edit the message bodies of messages sent to you in RTF format, so I’m going to guess that these messages you’re receiving are in a different format, such as Plain Text or HTML.

In Outlook 98 to edit messages that were sent to you in Plain Text or HTML, simply open the message and select Edit > Edit Message from the menu.

You should then be able to edit them and save the message with the changes.

However, if a message is marked as “Private” in the Outlook Send Options, the recipient won’t be able to edit the original text of it either to save locally or when it’s forwarded.


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