Using ShowHelp with Windows 95 and NT

Using ShowHelp with Windows 95 and NT

When we call the ShowHelp function in Windows 95, it works with a topic ID but not with a keyword. However, the same source works just the opposite in NT: a topic ID does not work, but a keyword does. We have both environments and need a solution that will work in both situations. Can you help us?

I would recommend using the Windows API in place of the PowerBuilder functions. The API is more reliable and has features not supported by PowerBuilder, such as contents pages.

The API call is defined as:

 function long WinHelpA(ulong hwind, string lpszHelp, &   uint uCommand, ulong dwData) library "user32" 

You will also need the following constants:

 Protected:integer HELP_CONTEXT = 1integer HELP_CONTENTS = 3integer HELP_CONTEXTPOPUP = 8integer HELP_FINDER = 11

Then call the function, such as:

WinHelp( 0, , HELP_FINDER, 0 )


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