Generate RTF Word Documents Using a Java Application

Generate RTF Word Documents Using a Java Application

Very few alternatives are available to someone wanting to generate RTF documents using Java. The best and easiest way is to use the iText third-party freeware library. Just plug in the .jar file and implement it into your program. The following example illustrates how to generate a simple RTF document:

  1. Download itext-xversion.jar here.
  2. Set the .jar file into the classpath:
    set classpath = %CLASSPATH%;c:libitext-xversion.jar
  3. Save the following file into your system as
    import*;import com.lowagie.text.*;import com.lowagie.text.rtf.*;public class HelloWorld {    public static void main(String[] args) {                System.out.println("This example generate a RTF file name Sample.rtf");                // Create Document object        Document myDoc = new Document();                try {                        // Create writer to listen document object            // and directs RTF Stream to the file Sample.rtf            RtfWriter2.getInstance(document, new FileOutputStream("Sample.rtf"));            // open the document object  ;                        // Create a paragraph 	    Paragraph p = new Paragraph();	    p.add("Helloworld in Rtf file..amazing isn't");			    // Add the paragraph to document object            document.add(p);        }        catch(Exception e) {            System.out.println(e);        }        //close the document        document.close();    }} 
  4. Compile the classfile using javac:

    This generates a class file named Helloworld.class in the same directory.

  5. Execute the class using Java:
    c:generate> java Helloworld

Once it’s executed, you can see that a new file named Sample.rtf was generated in the same directory. Open it and see this text:

 'Helloworld in Rtf file..amazing isn't'


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