Read from a Sequence of Items in Saxon 8

As you probably know, an XPath 2.0 expression returns a sequence of items (nodes and atomic values). The following code shows you how to read from a sequence of items in Saxon 8. The code identifies the nodes and atomic values and calls the correct methods for showing them.

...List L=null;...try{    //this XPath expression returns a sequence of nodes   L=XPE.evaluate("/company/departments/");        //this XPath expression returns an atomic value   //L=XPE.evaluate("5 instance of xs:integer");        }catch(net.sf.saxon.trans.XPathException e)      {System.out.println(e.getMessage());}   //processing the resulted sequence   if(L!=null)   {      for(Iterator iter=L.iterator();iter.hasNext();)      {         Object obj=(Object);         if(obj instanceof NodeInfo)         {                       NodeInfo NI=(NodeInfo)obj;            String info=net.sf.saxon.type.Type.displayTypeName(NI);            System.out.println("INFO:["+info+"]");            System.out.println("VALUE:["+NI.getStringValue()"]");                    }         else         {            String val=String.valueOf(obj);            System.out.println("ATOMIC VALUE:"+val);         }      }                       }}
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