Create #pragma Messages to Reach the Source of a Message

This macro is for use in #pragma messages. It allows you to double-click on an output message and automatically open the file in the editor at the source #pragma message statement:

#define STRING2(x) #x#define STRING(x) STRING2(x)#define FILE_LOC __FILE__ "(" STRING(__LINE___) ") : "


#pragma message(FILE_LOC "Your message here")

When compiling, this will generate output like:

c:My ProjectsMyFile.cpp(27) : Your message here

When you double-click on the message, MyFile.cpp will open to line 27. Note that this is IDE-dependent; it relies on mimicking the format that Visual Studio uses for build warnings and errors. I’ve used it in Visual Studio 6 and 2005; your mileage may vary in other IDEs.

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