Create a “Flea” Filter Using the RGBImageFilter Class

Create a “Flea” Filter Using the RGBImageFilter Class

This tip demonstrates how to build a “flea” filter based on the RGBImageFilter class. The filtered picture will look like the image displayed on old TVs.

import java.awt.image.*;import java.util.*;import java.awt.*;public class FleaFilter extends RGBImageFilter{   ColorModel cm=ColorModel.getRGBdefault();   public FleaFilter()   {      canFilterIndexColorModel=true;   }   public int filterRGB(int x, int y, int rgb)   {	            Random Rred=new Random();      Random Rgreen=new Random();      Random Rblue=new Random();      Color backup=new Color(Rred.nextInt(255),         Rgreen.nextInt(255),Rblue.nextInt(255));            return rgb|backup.getRGB();   }}


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